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About MARINE (Monterey Area Research Institutions' Network for Education)

MARINE is a collaboration between The Center for Ocean Solutions and seven Monterey Bay area academic campuses to prepare our future ocean leaders, and enhance marine education. Our partner campuses include:

  • CSU Monterey Bay
  • Monterey Institute of International Studies
  • Moss Landing Marine Labs
  • Naval Postgraduate School
  • Stanford Hopkins Marine Station
  • Stanford University
  • UC Santa Cruz

Our inter-institutional activities create opportunities for graduate students and early career professionals to apply their training to ocean challenges and engage in real world problem-solving and policy recommendations.

We aim to equip Monterey Bay area graduate and post-graduate students with skills to be ocean leaders and communicators by:

  • training students to contribute to environmental decision-making and shaping the students' leadership and communications skills early on in their careers;
  • exposing students to professional development and networking opportunities; and
  • nurturing the growth of MARINE as a networked community of students and faculty who focus on marine-related science and policy.

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Meg Caldwell, Executive Director, Center for Ocean Solutions
Laura Good, MARINE Program Coordinator, Center for Ocean Solutions


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Laura Good, MARINE Program Coordinator, Center for Ocean Solutions


Laura coordinates the collaborative and inter-institutional professional development activities in ocean leadership for MARINE. Originally from the UK, Laura’s background is in ocean science and informal science education. Laura earned her BS in ocean science from the University of Plymouth (UK), and both her MS in marine resource management and PhD in science education from Oregon State University. Her research interests center on marine education, scientist engagement in education and outreach, and professional development for informal educators, where her doctoral work focused on the interpretive practice of science center docents as they communicate science to the public. Laura specializes in free choice learning, a term used to describe learning that takes place in our everyday lives, where we have choice and control over the learning opportunities at hand.

Laura most recently worked as a educational research assistant for Oregon Sea Grant at Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport, OR. Here, Laura helped design marine science exhibits and develop remote camera technologies to study how people learn in museum environments as part of their 5 year $2.2 million NSF-funded cyberlab project. Laura has also worked as an educational evaluator for COSEE Pacific Partnerships , focusing on scientist engagement with adult volunteer audiences at both Oregon Coast Aquarium and in the Oregon Coastal Master Naturalist Program. As an ocean education specialist, she has developed a variety of K-12 ocean science curriculum and day camp programs for Oregon State University’s Pre-College Education Programs. Prior to her graduate studies, Laura was a Summer Camp Program Director and Naturalist for the YMCA of Greater New York, and even worked briefly in the cruise ship industry as Youth Staff for Royal Caribbean.


Pat Mulcahy, MARINE Website and Social Media Intern, Center for Ocean Solutions


Pat is a second year Master’s Student at CSUMB in the Applied Marine and Watershed Science program.  He currently serves as the Website and Social Media Intern for MARINE, and as a GIS Technician in the Marine Landscape Ecology Lab at CSUMB under Dr. Corey Garza.  Pat is currently working on a project designed to model the impacts of climate change on intertidal communities across a spatial landscape.  His interests include scientific communication and seafood traceability.  Although Pat enjoys living in California, he remains true to his Minnesota roots through his love of the Vikings, the Wild, the Twins, and Prince.


Faculty Advisors

Mark Carr, Professor, Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology - Long Marine Lab, UC Santa Cruz

Larry Crowder, Science Director, Center for Ocean Solutions

Mark Denny, Professor, Marine Sciences Biomechanics, Stanford Hopkins Marine Station

Jim Harvey, Director, Moss Landing Marine Labs

James Lindholm, Director, Institute for Applied Marine Ecology, CSU Monterey Bay

Jeff Koseff, Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Stanford University 

Jeffrey Paduan, Professor and Department Chair, Oceanography, Naval Postgraduate School

Jason Scorse, Assc. Professor, International Environmental Policy Program Chair, Monterey Institute of International Studies