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2009-2010 Seminar Series

2009-2010 Seminar Series:
What do policy makers need to know about climate change and oceans?

This exciting seminar series hosted by the 7 graduate marine education programs in the Monterey Bay area was designed to advance graduate students' ability to communicate climate change science to decision-makers. By participating students had the opportunity to gain expertise from leading ocean researchers and develop skills to communicate science to the media and policy makers. Those students who participated in the monthly seminar series were eligible to attend culminating events.

Applying your skills: Panel discussion with legislators & other policy makers (April 24th)
• Opportunity to participate in Capitol Hill Ocean Week 2010 with Center for Ocean Solutions staff

2 students who participated in the seminar series and the workshops were selected to go to DC to be part of Capitol Hill Ocean Week 2010 during the second week of June.  




Ecological Effects of Climate Change: From Organisms to Ecosystems

Hopkins Marine Station


Global Climate Change Perspectives: New Forecasting Models, Mitigation Strategies, and Educational Curriculum,

Moss Landing Marine Labs


Implications of Climate Change on Upwelling along the CA Coast: Predictions and Ecological Implications

UC Santa Cruz


The Changing Arctic Ocean: Observation & Modeling for Science & National Security, Director

Naval Postgraduate School


Deep Sea Corals: Their Longevity & Ecology & What they tll us about Past Climate Changes- (cancelled)

Stanford University


Climate Change & the Oceans:  How Science & Policy interact

Monterey Institute of International Studies


Sea Level Rise: Visualization & Modeling Tools

California State University - Monterey Bay